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GLOB specializes in worldwide repatriation services. We take care of arranging all necessary formalities related to the repatriation of the deceased. That includes:

- Arranging all the relevant documents and permits that are required – Translation of death certificates – Preparing documents for customs clearance – Visiting embassies, consulates, municipalities, hospitals in order to obtain all necessary permits – Collection of the deceased from the airport and transfer to the local funeral director of choice

The founders of GLOB have been traveling around the world for nearly 30 years gaining new experience and approaching new funeral organizations. As a result, we have our representatives in such countries as: Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, and Tanzania. Of course the Americas, Australia and Europe are also included in our sphere. GLOB also provides the complete funeral service. With our fleet of hearses, own crematoria, wide range of coffins, caskets, urns and other funeral accessories we can take care of all your funeral arrangements. We are fully aware of how traumatizing the loss of our loved ones can be and how challenging all funeral arrangements are at this time. Hence our mission of full support in these difficult moments. We are available to assist you 24 hours a day.






GLOB Międzynarodowe Usługi Pogrzebowe J.Drejka, M.Drejka

GLOB International Funeral Service J.Drejka, M.Drejka

Tel. (+48) 604-559-569
Fax. (+48) 29 71-71-827
e-mail: md39@wp.pl

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